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Saturday, October 25, 2008


It had become somewhat of a tradition to take a picture of Sophie and her cousin Ella sitting in the rocking chair. I realized today at a family gathering that we had not done it for several years.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Appropriate

Sophie was cutting onions for dinner tonight and found a couple that looked like shark teeth. Given the season, I thought it appropriate to add her slightly "vampirish" teeth to the blog.

The funny thing is that I told her to make her eyes look scary, and this is the look she gave.
Oh and also...I don't know how many people remember that when Sophie was somewhere between the age of one and two, she would munch raw onions by the handfull. She took a little break from it, but now loves munching raw onions again. It was while she was doing this that she discovered the shark teeth.

The First Snow

I find it appropriate that Ben was up first on the day of our first snow. Last Spring when the snow was finally gone and my sanity level was on its way to normal again (it was a VERY long winter...) Ben went outside and with great disappointment, stated that he wished it would snow (crazy, I know.) So Wednesday morning he and I went out before anyone else was awake to appreciate the first snowfall.

Books, Books, Books

The other night the kids were all ready for bed and we had a few minutes for books. All three kids love them. I have never really met a child that didn't like books now that I think of it. Anyway...
Sophie perusing a book order. She has about $80 worth of $2-3 books circled in hopes that we will get at least some of them for her...maybe Christmas?

Ben taking a quick break from his truck sticker book that his awesome aunt gave him for his birthday.

Then there is Jacob who normally likes to just read books, but appears to be using his book for some sort of athletic adventure. I think what he is doing in finding a reading perch on the top of the couch since Sophie and Ben were filling the bottom spots.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Crazy Hair

Last night I took a late night bath to warm up and went to bed with wet hair. This morning when I woke up it looked like I had slept in a tornado. My hair had this up swept, spiral look to it. I thought it was pretty cool. Cool enough to post pictures of me in my pajamas, just out of bed on my blog for all to see.

Apple Sauce

We made apple sauce yesterday. Ben had made it the week before at his preschool and felt he was well qualified to be my assistant. He really was!!! He did most of of the churning. Sophie and Jacob played upstairs almost the whole time. Sophie did come down and churn for about 15 seconds and then declared she didn't want to do anymore.

Clothing Swap

Every year the waste district has a clothing swap where you can drop off bags of clothes and pick up new stuff. We donated 2 garbage bags, and brought 1 garbage bag of new clothes home. I think that means we came out on top. Any way here is one outfit I got. While I love all 4 components (hat, 2 shirts and pants) separately, the combined effect was kind of "hippe esque"

Fall Leaves

The kids had a great time playing in the leaves and as far as I know, no one was injured by a hidden stick. Here are a few photos and and extra few posts with some video.



Monday, October 13, 2008

Apple Picking

Saturday was our annual trek to the apple orchard. It is one of our favorite days of the year, akin to Christmas or Thanksgiving almost! We usually take a family photo, but I am not sure this years photo is print worthy. The sun was bright, the kids uncooperative, and we had random strangers take the photo. It just isn't a recipe for a photogenic moment.

The best eating apple in the world. Aaron would disagree, he loves Macoun. Either way fresh orchard picked apples are the best!

The keeper of the apples, Sophie!

The best of the family Aaron said we will be able to remember the personality of our children too with this photo!

Sweet Sophie

Rambunctious Ben

Jacob didn't seem to care where the apples came from or what they looked like. We had to "edit" his bag.

Choosing the best apple takes careful consideration.

Our dappled family, minus the photographer.

Little Artists

For fun the other day we painted on the window. If I were a better photographer, I would have known how to adjust the camera settings so that the back lit window didn't darken the boys faces. But that is a project for another phase of life (photography classes.) I had to adjust the photos after, so they aren't perfect, but that's ok!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Face Plant

Yesterday Jacob was behind the rocking chair and fell. I heard him but didn't initially react because the boys are always crashing around, but when I heard his, "I'm REALLY hurt" cry, I went to see what had happened. Well, there was blood coming from his nose and mouth, but there were no objects near to where he fell. I cannot figure out what he hit, but he hit it hard. You can see the line from his chin all the way op to his nose. The picture was taken this morning and the his nose looks a lot better, but the lip and chin will take some time. We now have a supply of popsicles because it seems to hurt quite a bit!

"Mom stop taking a picture and give me my breakfast!"

His lip is more purple in person.

The Boys

Just two pictures of the boys with a ball. Ben took the picture of Jacob. Then a few days later asked me to take a picture of him playing baseball (his generic term for sports.) He stood there and posed just like that until I took the photo. He had been running around and kicking the ball. I am not sure what exactly makes him playing baseball, but still he's cute!


These two carrots grew together. I can't tell if they are in love, or is it is a momma carrot with a baby on her back...

More Nature Shots

The other night, just as the sun was setting, the clouds broke open with glorious golden light that just caught the top of the trees. It had been raining much of the day and the combination of the wet leaves and the golden light made it look like the tops of the trees were glittering gold. I ran to get the camera, knowing I wouldn't catch it on time. It was just one of those fleeting moments. I did catch the very end of it, but it doesn't show how the leaves actually looked like gold.

The light also light up the hillside with our cute little common. I have millions of shots of it, but it is always beautiful to me.