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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Carpet

In March Aaron and I finally decided to just paint the stairs white.  For  A LONG time they have been painted with a coat of primer while we decided what color to paint them.  The problem is that primer holds dirt and the stairs were so difficult to clean.

So I bought a gallon of heavy duty paint and had one of the kids bring it inside.  They brought it to Aaron show him then put it on the couch.  I saw all this and thought, "I should take care of that right now before an accident happens."  When you think something like that, DO IT!!!!!

Moments later Jacob came to me with the can held over his head and asked, "Mama what is this?" And then proceeded to drop the can of paint onto the wool carpet.

The lid popped off and about 3/4 of a gallon spilled out onto the carpet.

Thanks to quick thinking and a $15 carpet cleaner I am SO glad we got at a yard sale, we were able to recover all but 1/4 gallon and things are as good as new.  Except the stairs which STILL need to be painted.