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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chef Louie


Have I ever mentioned that I am one lucky woman and I love Aaron a WHOLE lot....?

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Today is the second day of warmer, sunny weather, and today alone I have seen a huge flock of robins,  canadian geese, juncos, grackles, and red winged blackbirds; all signs of spring.  I have to wonder, have they been there all along and I am seeing them now because the view outdoors is finally making me happy?  Were they waiting somewhere slightly warmer and when the sun came out they moved into our range?  How do they know it is time to be here?  Have they been nestled in the woods away from view and now they are emerging just like all the people who can finally escape their winter caves?  Deep questions for this sunny, muddy day.
Blue Skies, Smilin' at me, Blue Skies do I see!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

That's a Wrap

Today is April 1st and blessed be Vermont has decided to allow Spring to arrive.  Today was bright, sunny, 43 degrees ABOVE freezing and crystal clear blue skies.  So as we bid winter 2014 adieu, here are a few photos of this epic winter.  It started out super icy, then it was frigid, then then snow came, would not stop, and would not go away.
I don't think I will ever stop loving the images of this field.
Nothing like a barefoot morning jaunt in the fresh snow.  If only we had known what was coming...
Then the snow was gone and it was COLD, but beautiful!
But snow came in time for these adorable munchkins to get a Christmas tree
Assisted by there hunky father.  Well hunky to their mother, not them.
Brothers discover love on the tree farm.
Then the ice storm hit bringing beauty and destruction.  It wreaked havoc on our Christmas plans as we were without power, water, toilets, sewing machines crucial for Christmas sewing...the amazing line men worked around the clock to get electricity back in time for Christmas.

I don't have too many pictures of the rest of winter.  Probably because I got so tired of all of it.  I really try not to complain about weather.  There is little we can do to control the weather so we may as well grin and bear it, but this winter drove me near to my breaking point!Or maybe I do and I just haven't gotten them off my camera or synced them to the web.  If I find more I'll add them, but for the sake of getting this published I'll move on.