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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Random: First Week of School

This has proven to be an exciting first week of school.  So far it has included LOTS of cleaning and de-cluttering, several trips to the school without kids since they insisted on riding the bus but I needed to be up there for one reason or another, one trip to the emergency room (don't worry everything is fine) and one emergency trip to the vets (this situation might be less fine).  I am hoping that next week will be a little quieter.
I had to fight hard for this picture and as I was fighting, disaster kept averting me from getting it.  First I had forgetten to put the memory card in , then I sent Ben to get a card. 7 hours later (this may be an exaggeration) I sent Sophie to see what was taking so long.  She reported that there weren't any memory cards.  Finally risking Aaron leaving because he hates this tradition, I went in, found the 2 memory cards right where I told the kids they were and was about to snap the picture when one of the dogs got out.  Kudos to Aaron for being patient even though he hates this tradition that I treasure so dearly.
Jacob looks scared in all of his pictures.  I think he was more nervous than he let on.  He is adjusting well though.  His biggest struggle is getting enough sleep.  6:45 is a big change as he often sleeps in until 9:00 and sometimes even 10:00, though usually he is up by 8:30 (I am trying to save my image as a parent here.)
Monkey Ben.  Remember that trip to the ER I mentioned?  Combine this picture with an argument/competition over who gets to go first in line and you get a head first fall on your noggin rendering you nearly unconscious and making you miss half of the second day of school you desperately want to go to.
Sophie has reached that wonderful age when they become oh so aware of "the self."   It took me about 12 shots to get a good picture of Sophie
Resulting in many pictures like this that Sophie requested I not put on the blog.  True to my word I did not put any of those on here, but she didn't see this one so I figure it was fair game.   I think this makes me a bad mom.
See, there is that scared look again.
I can not tell you how thrilled I am that Ben has this teacher.  She is so willing to work with Ben and his unique learning style.  Her words when I asked how the first day went; "He did great!  He was poking holes in the erasers, but he was answering all the questions. I don't care if he pokes holes in the erasers."
Do you realize I have a middle school-er!?  I didn't think anything about it until Sophie brought home a paper on Monday about 5th grade music and then it hit me.  Where has the time gone!!!!!!???
First Day of School Ice Cream Social.  Noah was the star of the show.  Unfortunately I arrived a little late and missed the traditional presenting of the kindergarten class by the graduating class.  It gets me every time to see where kids start and what they become.
So there you have it.  A public accounting of my bad parenting, please don't use it against me. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bust a Move Saturday: 5k Failure

Today I am struggling internally.  Right now I should be finishing up a 5k that I signed up for.  Last year I ran in two races and LOVED it.  I loved the training, I loved the race, I loved how my body responded to running.  
I still have a hard time believing this is me.
My internal struggle comes from feeling simultaneously like a failure that I can't do this race today and feeling like there was just no way it was going to be able to happen.  I started training and got out a few times.  Enough to record 13 miles of my trip to Maine.  

But this summer was crazy.  My college class was more intense than I realized.  For three days after it ended my entire body felt rubbery as my muscles relaxed for the first time in 10 weeks.  I was also sitting and writing a lot more than I was accustomed to.  My right shoulder and neck are still fouled up from it.  Right when I was about to intensify my training my sciatic nerve got pinched, badly. 

I am now almost pain free, but I have some tingling and I am worried it is nerve damage.  I am working on the most basic training.  I have to fix my posture.  I have to strengthen my abdominal muscles.  For years I have been using my shoulders as my abs.  Basically my whole right side is a mess.

I don't think I could  have sacrificed that training in order to prepare for a 5k.  But still...there is a racing bib with my name on it (or at least my number) sitting lonely on the registration table.  People who know me are wondering why I am not there.  Strangers who encouraged me to stick with running are thinking, "I guess that overweight 34 year old who started running last year couldn't stick with it." 

I hate to make any bold statements about what I am going to do in the future, but I don't feel like I am done running. 
These pictures are just because I think every post should have a photo and most posts should have a minimum of two photos.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reckless Recreation: Dreams

"If wishes were horses than beggars would ride..."

For a couple years I have been drooling over this ring both in the case at Stowe Gems and on their online site.  
I don't know which anniversary will bring this ring to my finger, but the carnal, vain self hopes that it will someday be upon my finger.  I can totally live without it, but it is sooooo pretty and a girl can have dreams right?

Monday, August 20, 2012

L.S.N.E.D.: Now Is The Time

Today I attended the funeral of my step grandfather, Mo Kenfield.  My grandfather Norman passed away when I was eight and my grandmother married Mo shortly thereafter.  Being that I am almost 35, Mo was my grandfather for years longer than my Grampy Norman.  

I always feel sad at funerals, knowing that my time to be with that person here on earth is at a standstill.  This funeral was especially hard.  

I left on my mission after MaryLou died, and Mo married while I was gone.  I got home from my mission, got married within the year and began having children the year after that.  Sometimes I would see him when we were in town visiting my parents. A couple years ago I realized I had neglected an important relationship so I began sending Christmas cards.  

Mo became unresponsive after a medical procedure and I panicked, knowing that I should have been more a part of his life.  But then I heard that he had gotten better and was in rehab.  I had a sigh of relief as I thought that I could have another chance of reaching out to he and his wife Barbara.  Then very shortly thereafter I received the call that he had passed away.

At his funeral today I heard so many things about him that I never knew.  Things I should have known.  Things that would have blessed my life and made me a better person if I had been a part of Mo's life as his granddaughter.

Sadly I missed my chance.  But today is a day to remember that there is always something I can can do better, a person I can love more, serve more, make more a part of my life.  So next time you think; I don't have time to stop and say hi, or I am too busy to send a letter or make a call,  I have a hard time getting together with so-and-so because of xyz...remember a time will come when you realize that time is up.  That person has moved on and you missed out on being a part of their life and they yours.  Seize the day.  And from the advice of Mo as he has nearing the "Hallelujah Side," :

Mo and three of his loves:  Lobster, campers/camping, and one of the three amazing women (my grandmother MaryLou,) that had joy and peace in their lives as he loved and cared for them through thick and thin, sickness and health, two of them until "death do us part."

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Storm Damage

I found this post I had started awhile ago.  I can't remember the date, but I was at class so it was a Monday or a Wednesday.  There was a storm in Montpelier, but it wasn't too spectacular.  Aaron told me about the storm here at home.  It was crazy. 
 The wind damaged plants in the garden.
It blew down branches from the trees.
This is  one of two bird nests we found on the lawn.

It blew apart a section of the fence
I don't have a picture of it, but it blew open the back door and hail came several feet into the house.  Anyway it seemed exciting at the time, not so much now, but I may as well post it.  Have a good night!


Normal Semester           =    15 weeks
Summer Semester          =    12 weeks
Summer Semester          =    10 weeks
@ CCV in Montpelier

I didn't realize how intense my anatomy and physiology class was until it was over.  10 weeks is not enough time to really, truly internalize A&P 1.  I am really excited for the fall semester.  Instead of two chapters and two labs a week I will have one chapter and one lab per week.  I will actually be able to read and study and have fun with this.  And I won't have to abandon my family, my house, my pets, my hobbies, my friends, my health, my church responsibilities...I could keep going.  A huge thank you to all who made it possible, most especially Aaron, Sophie, Ben, Jacob and Noah and I know that I could not have done it without the guidance and support of the Lord.

After all my complaining and worry about how I would do, I ended up with an A-.  I was basing my feelings about my success on my quiz scores, but the lowest two grades were dropped and quizzes were only 20% of my grade.  I have spent the last week putting my life back in order.  I should get there just before the new semester begins.

So I will close with pictures from Noah's 2nd birthday.