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Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Sober Post

Just a quick one as it is late, but my thoughts are fresh and I wanted to get them out before they are lost.

We were on our way home late this evening, having lingered too long at my (Lauren's) parents, when we passed the scene of a car accident. An SUV had hit and killed a momma and baby moose. I do not know the fate of the passengers of the car. I prayed for their health and well being. But I got to thinking...

What would have happened if we had not lingered too long at my parents??? Were those lazy thoughts that kept us there too long really promptings that kept us from being the ones to hit those moose? I don't know the answers to those questions, but it really bring to the forefront of my mind the preciousness of life. You really never know when it is your turn to be done with this mortal life. I am so grateful for every moment I have. After seeing an accident like that you have to wonder, is it so important for me to speed to get there on time? How important is is that I get the kids that drink bottle while driving etc...

I just wanted to get this out on "paper" so I can remember this feeling for a long time. Life is precious and don't take advantage of a single moment of it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I Looked Out the Window and What Did I See

First I looked out and Ben had no pants on. Then I looked out and he had no shirt on. Then I looked out and he was taking off his underpants. The time span between pants and shirt was about 2 minutes. Shirt and underpants... 45 seconds. Underpants to spa day...0.2 seconds.

Oh and please excuse my snort followed by insane laughter. I can't help it sometimes!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spirit Week

This week is spirit week at Aaron's school. Each day there is a theme that everyone is supposed to dress up to. Monday was crazy hair day, Tuesday Old People vs. hippies, Wednesday color day (they had to wear all one color,) Thursday (today) was pirates vs. cowboys. I will let the picture do the talking!!!! Aarrrgggghh Matey!!!!

Mud Season

Ok, I will never be nominated for any film making award, but here are the kids playing in the mud of which will become our garden!!! I am not sure what is going on with my voice, it sounds like I am gravely ill with a sinus infection, but I am in next to perfect health.

Jacob Dancing


Not a kid Post

Before we had our wood stove hooked up Kit-Kat climbed into the stove via the stovepipe opening. Scooter of course wanted to follow suit, but Kit-Kat wouldn't let her in. Kit_Kat looked content in there, but shot out of there like a bullet as soon as the door was opened. The of course Scooter climbed in and got stuck. Silly kitties!!!

Even Older Still

I keep finding pictures that should have been on here. March 25th Aaron and Ben, completely on their own, with no coaching, dressed themselves almost exactly the same. It was a great bonding moment.

Out of Order

This post is out of order. I think these photos are from April 4th.

Sophie was going over to a friends house and wanted to bring a couple things with her. She had a Hannaford bag, but I guess it was too big because she cut the top off the bad then cut her own handles into the bag. I thought it was very clever. I think it is funny how important bags are to Sophie. Ever since she was old enough to walk she has been a bag lady, collecting things in bag, reorganizing the entire toy room by bagging the toys. Just a funny little Sophie quirk.

Speaking of quirks...Jacob has quite a unique fashion sense as noted by these photos. He loves boots, especially ones that are not his. In the second photo we were going nowhere, Jacob just really wanted these clothes on. Note the big boots again!!

My Cake

I made a cake yesterday. I wanted to try a new recipe. After I put it all together and spent a considerable amount of time spreading the frosting and making swirls in it, I started to set the table for dinner. Of course a cup fell out and landed almost perfectly on my cake.

This presented quite a dilemma because I knew if I moved the cup it would ruin the frosting masterpiece. So we left it and told the kids it was a big candle. You could tell they thought we were absolutely crazy. It was REALLY bugging them, I mean really they were getting agitated by that cup on the cake, so we finally ruined the frosting and took it off.

It still tasted good.

Mud Season

The weather has been gorgeous, FINALLY!!!!! The yard is a complete mess and the kids are loving it. I am certain it is because they don't do the laundry around here. We have gone through so many sets of clothes and shoes.

Here I add two photos of Sophie and Ben playing (Jacob was asleep.) Sophie started the water play timidly by getting her boot stuck. Then she "fell." Then she was washing her car. By the end of the process, she was laying in the puddle and flopping around. Keep in mind this puddle is made from melting snow. Crazy kids!!!! Ben of course followed right behind Sophie's every step. Like I said, we have gone through a lot of clothes.

First an Apology

Well, as the title suggests, I must start with an apology. Normally I update the blog on Sundays, but the last two Sundays have been General and Stake Conference for church. Because of the abnormal schedule I have not updated the blog. So....I am sorry. I will try to do better.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Back Scratch

Ben just came up to me and said, "Mommy, my back is itchy."

To which I responded, "Do you want me to itch it for you?"

Ben, in a very frustrated voice said, "NO, I want you to un-itch it!!!"

He has a point you know!