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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Last night for dinner we had peas, broccoli, beets, beet greens and pigs in a blanket. Now I know that normally I wouldn't alert you of our every meal...but all the veggies came from our garden!! I love this time of the year. It feels so healthy to eat food you have grown all by yourself (which is a good thing since we had pigs in a blanket!!!!)

Part Two

After Billings Farm, we went to The Montshire Museum in Norwich, VT. It is a great children's museum that is all hands on learning. It was a great way for them to end the day, running and playing and touching everything (except the moose, you can't touch the moose, so imagine my horror when I found Ben in the enclosure petting the moose!!!)

Watching for the train (I really like the look of kids from them back, it is cute for some reason.)

Sophie with a giant bubble just as it popped!!

Sophie with a wind experiment

Ok, one of my favorite things was this turn table that had this swirly liquid in it. You would start spinning it and it would all smooth looking, then if you rapidly switched to spinning it the opposite direction it would get all rippley, and eventually it would look like ocean waves. It was beautiful and relaxing.

Sophie,Jacob and friend Aaron with wind/water experiment

Finally, outdoors they had a water park of sorts. The kids could turn the water on and off, create fountains, watch balls follow the current, makes dams and get wet!!!! It was loads of fun, but I didn't bring the camera down for that so no photos.

The best thing about the Montshire is that kids, who often feel insignificant and like they aren't allowed to do anything, make things happen. They control the elements, they can see cause and effect, and most of all they can have so much fun.


Billings Farm

Tuesday we went with some friends to the Billings Farm in Woodstock, VT. It was A LOT of fun. The kids got to touch the animals (there was lots of hand sanitizer,) and see what it was like "in the olden days." This was all very exciting for Sophie who has been reading Little House on the Prairie. Tuesday also happened to be Back in Time Tuesday where they allow the kids to use typewriters, cook on the wood stove (well, prepare the food to be cooked on the wood stove,) do laundry and make butter.
Sophie and Ben with a very friendly cow

The whole motley crew!!! (minus the adults)

A lovely feather footed chicken (we want one!!)

Jacob's favorite attraction

Sophie cutting potato

Ben sifting the flour

Making butter

Equality in action...Sophie making butter

Doing the laundry

Sophie playing an "old fashioned" game

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Last one for Today

Yesterday I successfully said no. This is a huge step for me as I usually try to avoid conflict, even if it means wreaking havoc on my own life. So...someone in town was needing to get rid of a 6 month old puppy, Nellie. We went to see her and she was cute so the next day I brought her home to see how she would interact with the kids and our current dog Bo. All went well, she really was very sweet, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I just didn't want two dogs. So home she went. I am so proud of myself.

Birthday Party and gift

Today Sophie went to Kai's birthday party. It was really low key but fun. They even had a treasure hunt with mini markers, clay and rose quartz as prizes. As you may see in the pictures, they also had face painting.

As for the gift, I made a quilt out of scrap fabrics for Kai's doll. I started this morning at 7:30 and finished at 12:30. It is MEGA imperfect, but it is my first quilt that I have made from start to finish. I can't wait to make another one for Sophie using the skills I acquired making this one.


Yesterday Aaron cut a big hole in our living room floor so that ewe could have access to the crawl space. Once opened, we found several inches of nasty water. It has since drained and the kids had a lot of fun in the cave with monsters. In the pictures you can only see Jacob's toes at the edge of the hole. He really wanted to get in, but I wouldn't let him.

Ben Reading

I am Catching Up!!!

Ok these photos are just from last night!!! I am catching up!!! We had a had A LOT of rain lately, and the ground is saturated. Naturally the kids decided to play in it (it is a compelling substance.) Sophie made a whole wheelbarrow full of these perfect mud balls, and then the three of them had fun smooshing them flat into pancakes. If it weren't for the accompanying mess, I would have let them go forever.

Not a germaphobe

The other day the kids came in all excited that Ben had found a dead mouse. The cats must have killed it. As I approached the door to go dispose of it, Ben ran in...holding it. I figured since the harm was already done, it wouldn't hurt to take a few extra seconds to document it for posterity.

Treasure Hunt

A couple of weeks ago a local guy asked if he could use his metal detector in our yard. We agreed and the kids loved it!! He was really good with them and even let them use the equipment a few times. We found a lot of stuff, not all of it is pictured here.

Safe Kid

I don't know why, I won't question it as I am grateful, but Jacob likes wearing a bike helmet. I tried to take it off because his head was all sweaty, but he got very upset. Hopefully he will feel the same way about seat belts.

Monday, July 07, 2008


I was reading a book to Sophie tonight and she was combing my hair as I read. Sophie said, "Mommy, this is pretty!" and I put my hand up to feel what she had done. I INSTANTLY had a sinking feeling as I felt that she had twisted my hair into the comb. Any experienced adult knows this is a nightmare to fix, and it was!! It took 40 minutes (I am not kidding I watched the clock because I knew I was going to want to post this) of yanking twisting and using pliers to cut the comb out of my hair. I did lose several chunks of my hair and my head is still bruised. Fortunately I was able to laugh through the whole experience.

The beautiful hair-do

Half way through the extraction process

Some of the remnants

Sunset photos

We watched the fireworks on the 3rd at the waterfront in Burlington. It was a rainy awful day but we made the 2 hour trek anyway, praying that the weather would clear out like they said it would. Just prior to sunset it cleared off and it was a gorgeous evening.

I know that was a horrible way to end. Rest assured that everyone's head and knee cap are still intact!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Here are all the videos I have been wanting to upload

Bath Time

We now have a photo of all three of our children in the bathtub with clothes on. I know it sounds staged with a 100% rate, but they were all totally unscripted. They just like their baths.


I might note that today is Aaron's and my anniversary. We have been married seven years today. Then have been a very full seven years yielding three beautiful children, a house, a full time job, a chronic illness and many more memorable times. I love Aaron with all my heart and cannot imagine having a better friend. He is my best friend and eternal companion and I hope to spend MANY, MANY more years with him.

Chipmunk Cheeks

Grapes were on sale awhile ago and Sophie had a lot of fun stuffing her cheeks full of grapes and saying "chipmunk cheeks!!!"


A few mornings ago, Aaron and I had gone to bed way too late and Sophie woke up at 4:45 and threw up. I couldn't get back to skeep so I stayed up and got some things done. At the end of the list (and my ability to maintain lucid thoughts,) was making hummingbird food. I got it started and COMPLETELY forget about it, with near disastrous results I may add.

Nature Shots

Just a big moth that was on the house, and some cool clouds that Aaron discovered.


I really wish I was one of those cool parents that let their kids do the dishes even though it makes a huge mess because it teaches confidence and responsibility... I just don't like cleaning up after them. The good news is that they all REALLY want to help with the dishes. Do yout hink this attitude will continue through high school?

Bedtime Fun

A couple of weeks ago we were getting the kids ready for bed and they were having some fun at the same time. (How is that actually possible?? Bedtime always seems stressful!!) Jacob, mid change decided to do so me construction. I am not sure his attire meets safety codes.

Sophie and Ben were playing Noah's Ark. Sophie was more than willing to strike a pose. I guess there is no activity that can't be done attractively.

Back on Board

Ok, we had some computer troubles and it has taken me awhile to get back on track. Sorry, there is nothing more frustrating than checking in on a blog and never finding anything new (hint, hint to a few of you!!!)

So hopefully we are back on track.