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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good Morning

A series of self portraits to welcome in the morning.  Don't worry, I am not 15 and I won't be making a habit of this.

Thursday, August 01, 2013


On Sunday at church we talked about whether or not it is possible to find peace in this tumultuous world. Some define peace as the absence of war, but I have met many people who find peace in the midst of war, whether it be a war against nations, family, self, disease or circumstance.  I have known people who are conflict free and yet fail to find peace within.  

It brings to mind the words of a song I sang in high school.  "Deep peace of the running wave to you." Waves are not static and still.  They are constantly moving and at time they are tumultuous, but in general they are steady, constant and calming.  

I personally find the greatest peace in knowing that God is real and that he loves me and regardless of how dire things may seem, in the end, however long that may be, all will be well.  

As part of the discussion we were asked what things bring us peace.  As I thought about it I realized that many of the things that bring me peace also bring turmoil.  Family, friends, serving others, nature, music; all of these can bring peace or conflict depending on the choices we make.

With all of that in mind...

The other night I took Bo the dog out one last time before we went to bed for the night.  I stood at the edge of the field as he snuffled around and I looked up at the stars.  The night was cool and clear and there was no moon to dim the brightness of the stars.  I was overcome with the beauty of the vast expanse of darkness that was penetrated by tiny pinpricks of brilliant light.  Those tiny specks illuminate the darkness rather than being consumed by it.  As I stood there absorbing all this a loon called in the distance.  I was so overcome with the peace and beauty of the scene that I could not contain it and a shudder of giddy joy escaped.

I am going to hold this tiny pinprick of peace, light, and joy, dear in my heart. When darkness feels like it is overcoming me, and I know it will at some point, I will remember this moment, and the peace, joy and assurance I felt from a loving Heavenly Father, and let it carry me through.
Another moment of peace