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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ben's Birthday

We ususally do a big friend party at the age of 5, so this year it was Ben's turn. I won't put a lot of explanation into the photos. They are just your typical party photos.

This however I will explain. I totally stole this idea from someone's blog. I thought it would be too hard to pull off, mostly because we live in po-dunk-town and I knew the closest store that would carry fondant was an hour and a half away. But my sweet friend Martha is a cake making master and she told me how to make fondant. It was really easy. The only issue I had was it was like 95% humidity today and it made the fondant sticky to work with.

I hate to brag, but I am rather pleased with the end result!


Just a word of advice. If you want to feel successful as a gardener, be sure to plant a mix that includes red romaine and red leaf lettuce.

Pet Fly

Ben found a drowsy fat fly and befriended him. I asked him what his pet fly's name was, and he answered, "It's not a pet. It's just a fly." I think he thought I was crazy.

Do any of the Cummings Children remember our pet fly Pete? I think they may be related.


Before you all read this, please know that I had nothing to do with any of this animal...prodding.

Sunday I was sick so off Aaron went to church with the kiddos. I settled in on the couch for a nice snooze when a few minutes later Aaron pulled back in. He had found a huge snapping turtle and brought it back to share.

He was a feisty fellow (can you blame him!!) And he would hiss and lunge. I am not sure you can hear the hissing in the video.

If it makes you feel any better Aaron returned him right where he found him and he went merrily (well as merrily as a snapping turtle can be) on his way


The field across from our house is well situated for rainbows, because we see them all the time. Here is yet another one. I keep taking photos of them because they all seem like the best one. I suppose someday I will tire of them...

This one was actually a double, but I wanted to get more of the famous Craftsbury Common in the photo, so the first is zoomed in a bit.

Birthday Party 1

Sophie and Ben both had their birthdays this month. We had a family birthday party for them the week before Father's Day. Mostly it was an excuse to have a family get together.

Sophie (7) got and MP3 player. I can't help but think this situation pictured here is a bit premature, but she REALLY wanted it. Now I wonder what we will give her for her 15th birthday?

Gram and Poppa Gramps got Sophie all kinds of cool art supplies.

They gave Ben a really cool battery free monster truck. The whole family was entertained for quite some time trying to get it to jump. Here are a couple of the attempts.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

Ok...first some background.

I have spent close to $100 over the last year searching for the perfect mop, but none suits my fancy. So regardless of the multiple types of mops and cleaners in the basement, I mop the floor on my hands and knees. Nothing will ever compare to the smooth clean feel of a hand mopped floor.


Today I mopped the floors. Now when I mop the floors two things almost always happen.

  1. Someone spills their milk. Today Jacob did. And...Aaron, who has not spilled his milk in about 2 years. Of course when the milk spills it runs off the table and drops threeish feet to the floor where the splatters spread getting progressively smaller until it is impossible to measure the true area of spillage(see photo.)
  2. Without thinking, I make rice for dinner. Rice has many flaws when it comes to clean floors. The issue at hand here is...
  • Rice sticks to the floor. Honestly we usually leave it a couple of hours until it is dry enough to sweep or the dog eats it up (hey I know it sounds gross, but I am all for efficiency.)
  • Rice also sticks to your socks or feet so that every step you take sticks and spreads rice goo.
  • Rice sticks to your clothing and falls off at random, thus spreading the goo throughout every room of the house.
The good has become a family joke so when it happens I laugh instead of cry. (sorry, I didn't take the time to photograph my own floors)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Like Dada

Jacob ate a cupcake and came to me all excited, "I'm like Dada...I'm like Dada."

I am pretty sure Aaron's beard is not blue


Sophie's friend, Ella, gave her a birthday gift at school since she won't be here for Sophie's Birthday.

It is a kitty pouch and a compact with four lip glosses and a mirror

Sweet Sophie proceeded to doll Jacob up. And as an adoring younger brother, he soaked it right up!

The lip smacking had to be included.

Move up Day Bus Ride

Ben took the Craftsbury Elementary School (and bus!) for a test drive on Monday. He has decided he is totally ready for kindergarten, and why can't he start now? He is SUPER excited to go to Sophie's school.

Jacob got to ride the bus too


Monday I dropped a cupcake at the school for Aaron and the school tractor was parked out front.

This caused a major dilemma because Jacob REALLY wanted to see it, but I was really short on time.

It didn't help that the maintenance man (I can't remember what the P.C. term is,) has a 2 year old who loves tractors too and so he said that Jacob could get right in.

However watching Jacob play in the tractor was totally worth being one minute late. He was soooo pleased with himself.

All smiles in the cab!

Can you see his little head behind the wheel?

Farmer Jacob on the job (I love how his little neck is all stretched out.)

It is clear from the video
  1. Jacob is very happy to be in the tractor
  2. Jacob needs some pretty serious driving instruction before he can get anywhere close to a real vehicle


My bread always splits on the side as it bakes, but this one came out "perfect."

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ben's Preschool Graduation

Friday night Ben graduated from preschool. The evening's program began with a darling little butterfly count down song.

You can tell Ben was really feeling it there for a minute.

As I looked through all the pictures I couldn't help but chuckle about all these rip roaring boys all done up in their wings and sparkly antenna. Fast forward 10 years, maybe even only 5 and none of them will even want to know these photos exist.

There are 12 students and Ben was butterfly #7. I guess he got a little bored between #7 and #12.

The graduate...complete with cap and medal. Want to make a kid feel cool...give them a medal! Someone asked me if I was emotional when Ben graduated. Not really. I mean come on it is PRESCHOOL not high school or college. Mostly it was just cute.

Ben's whole class (well half of Blair...oops) and the cake. I took many photos, but put a cake in front of twelve 3-4 years olds...and a good picture just isn't going to happen.

Bike Part 2

I could't get this to load the other day. So here is round two of the trick bike.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Fire Station

Today I chaperoned a field trip to the Craftsbury Fire Station with Ben's preschool class.

First they talked to us about fire safety. You know the basics don't play with matches, have a smoke detector. Have a special meeting place. Have family fire drills...

Then Firefighter Shawn got all dressed for us and we got to hear him breath like Darth Vader. The idea was that if there was a fire and the kids saw this man approach them they would freak, now they have had some exposure and know that he is a safe person.

Then they let the kids get up on top of the fire truck. This was the first time Ben has actually gotten on a vehicle that he thought was cool. Usually he just likes the idea of them, but the actual thing freaks him out.

Jacob came along too, but wouldn't look at the camera because he was so interested in another fire truck.

Then get this...the people who were just talking to us about safety...took us for a ride around town. I had to duck at times because I thought my head was going to hit low branches and telephone lines. I am sure they were nowhere close, but they sure felt like they were.

Finally, Ben and Jacob got to get inside the truck and try out the wheel etc...

Ode to Jacob

I added these two photos of Jacob to commemorate his being potty trained. We had several other apparent success in the past year, but this time it feels different.

Our method for success...among MANY other things, he wears pants but no diaper or underwear. We will have to work on that transition next.

The other transition is that he likes to "pee on a tree." We definitely need him to understand that people use potties, but for now I am just so glad that his is understanding the...urges...and not going in his pants.

Hooray for Jacob!!!! Hooray for a break from diapers!!!

Our method for success...among MANY other things, he wears pants but no diaper or underwear. We will have to work on that transition next.

The other transition is that he likes to "pee on a tree." We definitely need him to understand that people use potties, but for now I am just so glad that his is understanding the...urges...and not going in his pants.

Hooray for Jacob!!!! Hooray for a break from diapers!!!

Just A Photo

I have no explanation except I liked how our frost covers looked on the fence.

Trick Bike Part 1

Ben made a trick bike. Video one is where he enumerates the trick he can do on his truck bike.

Part two (coming tomorrow...) is Jacob's turn on the trick bike.

Notice how Jacob starts to hit to try to get a turn, but stops himself, uses words (the wrong ones, but better than hitting.) Then with prompting asks the right way. Then Ben begin a perfect gentleman gives him a turn!!! There is hope for the future of these two boys!!

Budding Photographer

Jacob wanted to take a picture so I thought I would let him try. Not bad for a two year old!!

Camping Fun

We are preparing for yet another family camping trip and thought we would test out some of our extra tents which we will be sharing.
Tent A-

Tent B-Julie and Keith...this is the one for you

I have to say there is just about nothing as fun as setting up a real tent in the living room!!

Gold Beetle

A couple of weeks ago I found a gold beetle. I got it on my hand and snapped as many photos as I could as I knew that he/she would high tail it out of there a.s.a.p. Luckily one of the photos I caught was him just as he took off. It was so nice of him/her to share that special moment with me!