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Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Rest of Them

Ben and a giant icicle 3/11

Sibling Fun 3/25/11

I think I put a video of this on here, but here is a still image of Jacob as a caterpillar  3/26/11

I can't even remember who Jacob wanted to be, but he made his own helmet for it. 4/1/11

Close up

Jacob chill-axing by the fire

Remember these handy little things....Jacob told be they looked like a purse

And I think he is right!

I just thought it looked cool how the raspberry flavoring leaked down into the yogurt.

Noah 4/9/11

A Vow

I am vowing to post up to date information but in order to do that I need to get rid of all the old pictures so here goes....

Blogger is being difficult so I will do a couple of posts.

In March we attended Donkey Basketball to benefit one of the classes at Aaron's school.  It is hard to describe so I have included a video, but rest assured that the donkeys are treated kindly.  One of the penelty;s includes having to kiss the donkey on the lips...

A sweet donkey for a sweet boy

Jacob was not certain about getting on the donkey but in the end he enjoyed it.

Add caption

I guess I should explain that after the game they let all the kids ride the donkeys for free!