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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Nature vs. Nurture

The debate has been made over and over in regards to nature vs. nurture.  Every time I have heard it I reach the same conclusion; nature and nurture make us tick.  Take water for instance.  Was it genetic predisposition or a learned behavior that drew my children to this peaceful pond?
And was it written in genetic code that one must touch the water?
Why were Sophie and Ben so ready to take a row in the boat, while Jacob and Noah watched white knuckled with worry they were going to tip.
And it it written in the stars that someone will "accidentally" fall in?
Why do some squirm with slimy things and others glory in it?
What does the future hold for the nature/nurture of these embryos? 
Are as many people as luck as my kids to have such an amazing person to nurture them?
Why do more than just my children want to be stranded out on this rock?  What draws them there?
And what influence does the spiritual have on our character?
 So many things to consider.  I have some ideas on most of these questions, but the only one I know the answer to is the embryo question.   We brought them home to hatch them but killed them instead).  Special thanks to the Peden family for the magical afternoon!
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